About Us

"We want our neighbors to feel at home"

About Us

What’s keeping you from moving?

Perhaps you just started a new job, or you’re retiring and it’s time to be closer to family. Maybe you quarrel with neighbors. Or maybe your old home is just feeling worn out and you don’t have time to fix it up again.

You want to move, but you haven’t signed a contract yet because…

  • Packing boxes is stressful. There is a real emotional toll as we give away treasured possessions. 
  • New mortgages are frightening.  Is it appropriate to take on debt at your time of life? After all, ownership isn’t really ownership until this is paid off..
  • You haven’t found the perfect house. It’s simply easier to stay put when so much rides on this decision. 

We understand the human element of new home construction because like you we are homeowners, bread winners, and caring for our families. Norman, OK is our home too.

We know what it takes to be a good neighbor.

“Anyone can build a house. We want our neighbors to feel they’ve come home.”

Our builder, Abdi Malakouti, has more than 20 years of experience – and 3 generations of family – in Norman, OK. This gives him a unique perspective when it comes to construction. 

“When I’m on the job site, I ask myself – would I buy this house? Would I want to live here? Then, I have to do the same with my sales team. If they don’t want to live there, then I know I need to make some sort of adjustment.”

Abdi is unique as a builder because he personally visits each home site. Many developers are too big and busy to give their homes this distinctive touch. 

But after 20 years of living and building new homes in Norman, OK, Abdi knows there’s no better way. He gives Sheridan Homes our core values of quality, comfort, and strength because every family deserves a happy home.

Abdi at a builder’s conference in 1999
Abdi at a builder’s conference in 1999
About Us
The Sheridan Homes office

How to Buy From Sheridan Homes

Abdi’s unique perspective on construction has informed our buying process as well.

When you visit Sheridan Homes, we will not exhaust you by listing every spectacular feature and every new home in our inventory. In fact, we won’t focus on our homes at all.

“I know every home shopper is not only moving towards a really great new house, but also moving from something – friends, relatives, a place with memories.”

Katherine, Sheridan Homes sales consultant, loves creating new beginnings.

“You’ve got a story, and no one can help enrich your life unless they understand your story first. I’d rather find a home that fits your story than make up a story to sell a house.”

That’s why every Sheridan Homes buying experience starts with a ten-minute design consult. Once we determine the “enriching details” of your new life, then we can hone in on details and price.

The Sheridan Homes Difference:

You cannot buy a “cookie cutter” home and expect the same quality and comfort. 

Because a home is only as strong as the land it’s built on. If you don’t respect the land supporting your home, then you can’t trust that home to your family. It simply won’t last. 

We know the land in Norman, OK. That’s why we use expensive, but better pier and grade beam foundations for our homes. We have a 20 year track record with no shifting or structural issues.

We also build every feature by hand. This ensures the build is customized for its location. 

Not only does handmade improve the quality and strength of our construction, it also makes each home completely unique. You get a custom home feel, without the custom home price. 

To understand this difference, just look at our: 

  • Handmade walls and framing, measured and built on the homesite
  • Hand laid brick and stonework
  • Hand spackled drywall
  • Hand laid tile in both kitchen and bathrooms
  • Hand cut granite and marble countertops
  • Handmade cabinet designs
  • And more! All carpentry, landscaping, and detail work at Sheridan Homes is completed by the hands of our local, best-in-industry vendors

Location, Location, Location:

Because Sheridan Homes values the land and families in Norman, OK, we’re very picky about the neighborhoods we work in. 

We insist our lots sit on high ground to prevent flooding and provide spectacular views. All streets must be wide enough to meet our safety standards. And of course, the neighborhood itself must be strong, beautiful, and homy.

Current Neighborhoods:

  • Alameda Park 
  • Berkley
  • Cascade Estates
  • Castlerock
  • Highland Village
  • Las Colinas
  • St. James Park
  • Sutton Place